Featured Products by Condar

Dial design of the catalytic probe thermometers

Catalytic Probe Thermometers

Innovative design for accurate measurement of gas temperatures immediately behind a combustor. Registers accurate readings up to 2000° Fahrenheit. Can be retrofitted to most catalytic stoves to comply with EPA monitoring regulations.

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Close-up of Condar etching on can of ceramic combustor

Catalytic Combustors

Maximize the warmth of your catalytic woodstove with a replacement catalyst from Condar, the catalytic combustor experts.Every Condar catalyst is carefully fabricated to precise dimensions in our North Carolina factory.

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Condar fireplace mesh screen curtain

Fireplace Mesh Screens

Functional, visually appealing, and made to last. Available in twenty-one popular sizes from 16 inches through 36 inches tall. Sets include two panels, totaling 48 inches wide, for an attractive natural drape effect on most fireplaces.

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