Condar Firewood Aprons

Photo of tuffduck firewood backsaver - black - being usedPhoto of tuffduck firewood backsaver - blackPhoto of tuffduck firewood backsaver - brown

The Backsaver is engineered to be ergonomic. Weight of the load is centered on your body. Distributed between your arms and shoulders. Centering and weight-distribution are principles used by intelligent humans for thousands of years.

Also functions as an apron, protecting your clothes from dirty logs. Walk with ease, with a free hand for turning door knobs. Weatherproof, washable, won’t rot or mildew.

Quality-made in USA.

Backsaver Firewood Apron in Use Loading – Grab firewood from your pile with one hand, conveniently while holding up the front of the apron with your other hand. Avoid problems with steps and doors – Maintain your balance. Use your free hand using a stairway handrail and turning doorknobs. Stay clean – Protects your clothes from dirt and bark.

Step 1 of putting on the backsaver
Step 2 of putting on the backsaver
Step 3 of putting on the backsaver
Step 4 of putting on the backsaver
product price (CAD) code order
TuffDuck Firewood Backsaver
black with silver trim
$60 7-10 Call to order
TuffDuck Firewood Backsaver
brown with green trim
$55 9-08 Call to order