TuffDuck Firewood Carry-All   Pueblo Brown with Forest Green Trim

TuffDuck Firewood Carry-All Pueblo Brown with Forest Green Trim


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TuffDuck Firewood Carry-alls are made to last. Constructed of super-durable corded polyester fabric. Double-stitched for years of practical use. Washable and rot-proof. LARGE size measures 22-inches long, 12-inches wide, 12-inches deep. Hand-sewn in the mountains of Western North Carolina.


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Tuffduck premium quality carry-alls are made to last. Stain resistant, washable, and rot-proof bags, fold flat for compact strorage. TuffDuck products are constructed of super-durable corded polyester fabric. Better than cotton. Double-stitched for years of practical use. Ideal for firewood, gardening, fruit and vegetable harvest, beachwear, picnics, auto trunk organizing, livestock food, pet transport, magazines and newspapers, craft projects, shopping, and recycling. For added versatility, Tuffduck bags are available in two different sizes to assist with your organization and transportation needs. Stylish pueblo brown fabric with forest green trim.

Note: Each Condar Wood Bag has subtle differences in the physical appearance of the fabric. Slight variations in color and texture are normal, and have no effect on performance or durability. Condar products are rigorously tested for quality control.

"I bought a wood bag from your company probably 20 years ago. It still is in use, but I wanted to get another one, so I looked on the bag to find the name and then went to google to look up a website. I am very happy to have a new one which will last for the rest of our lives. I certainly have told others about the quality. Thanks for a quality product"

Linda Pitcher

Kingsfield, Maine