Ceramic Catalytic Combustor for DUTCHWEST Woodstoves GASKET INCLUDED

Ceramic Catalytic Combustor for DUTCHWEST Woodstoves GASKET INCLUDED


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A Genuine Condar Ceramic Catalytic Combustor
fabricated at our factory in the foothills of Western North Carolina.


Call 828-436-2102 ext. 2460 to order.

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Replacing a worn out combustor brings new life to an aging stove! Burn times can increase by 50%, while you can realize as much as twice the heat from the same piece of wood. Your chimney stays much cleaner (and safer!), and you're protecting our valuable air quality. For most stove owners, the savings in wood alone pay for the replacement combustor many times over, not to mention the increased safety and convenience.

This 15.3cm diameter by 5cm deep combustor fits the following stoves:

  • All Dutchwest model woodstoves
  • Jotul Alpha
  • Earthstove 1000C
  • Vermont Castings Seneca


A Note about Gaskets
Combustors may, or may not, require a gasket to ensure a good fit inside the stove. This depends on the particular stove design. Visit WoodstoveCombustors.com to learn more about combustor gaskets and how they work.

When to replace your combustor
After 12,000 hours of use, a combustor is expected to have lost 25% of its catalytic function. This is a natural process called “wear-out.” Molecules of platinum and palladium aren’t actually lost, but their binding to smoke pollutants that can’t be removed by maintenance means gradually your woodstove will recover less heat from the smoke. Gradually you’ll notice less warmth, and eventually you’ll see dark pollutants from your chimney. (White steam is a normal emission from any EPA-approved woodstove, and water vapor is a natural harmless byproduct of catalytic reaction.)

Conscientious owners replace their combustors after roughly 12,000 hours even if the combustor is intact. The payback from your additional heat recovery is well worth your cost.

See our Steelcat listings and consider upgrading. A steel combustor heats up faster than ceramic and you can engage your combustor at a lower temperature, recovering more heat from your wood.

"I was so happy to find that you now distribute through Ottawa. The Steelcat is amazing. It increased my output and burn duration so dramatically that last year I only turned my oil furnace on for a week last winter".

Peter Bigelow
Halifax, NS


"I just wanted to say how happy I am with our stove now that I have put in the new combustor. Previously I always had to be watching and adjusting it, but now I am amazed how little adjusting is required to get and hold the stove temperature, and all with no blow backs. Great product my stove is performing like new".

Jeff McCue
Rothesay, New Brun


"The [Condar] Flexburn catalyst arrived promptly and was well packaged.  It was made with precision and care and infinitely better than the original and replacement catalyst I previously bought - both felt flimsy.  I could tell that it was a quality product just by picking it up!"
"Thank you again for manufacturing such a good catalyst!"

Frank Simpson
Tiny Township, Ontario