Backsaver Firewood Apron - Brown with Green Trim

Backsaver Firewood Apron - Brown with Green Trim


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The more comfortable way to transport firewood. Better for your body, and better for getting the task done.

Ideal too for heavy bags of pellet fuel, pet food, water softener salt, and coal!

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This is the brown Backsaver Firewood Apron with green trim. The Backsaver is engineered to be ergonomic. Weight of the load is centered on your body. Distributed between your arms and shoulders. Centering and weight-distribution are principles used by intelligent humans for thousands of years.

Also functions as an apron, protecting your clothes from dirty logs. Walk with ease, with a free hand for turning door knobs. Weatherproof, washable, won’t rot or mildew.

Quality-made in USA.

Backsaver Firewood Apron in Use
  • Loading – Grab firewood from your pile with one hand, conveniently while holding up the front of the apron with your other hand.
  • Avoid problems with steps and doors – Maintain your balance. Use your free hand using a stairway handrail and turning doorknobs.
  • Stay clean – Protects your clothes from dirt and bark.


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Quality Materials, American-Made

Extra-durable American-made black Polyester Army Duck – the same tough-weave fabric used for Condar's TuffDuck bags and wood sling. Better than cotton. Double-stitched straps and trim. Weatherproof, washable, won't rot or mildew. Rolls tight for easy storage or hang from a peg.

Made by American workers.


Item is awesome! Seller had to send a second item because Fed Ex delivered to the wrong address the first time...Seller was very good about it and things went great....I LOVE MY WOOD IS GOOD APRON!!!

Kerry Vollmer, Mayville, Wisconsin

"It is amazing. I load it up with wood and it seems like the weight disappears! SO much better than a hand carrier. I'll be sending an email to my department to tell them about it, since so many of us use wood heat".

Russ Palmieri

Arden, North Carolina


"Thank you again for my wonderful apron…I regret it hasn’t yet worn out to be replaced.  When the time comes, I know exactly where I will go for its replacement".

Theresa Linn

Deltaville, Virginia


"This is a product whose time has come. I have had several different sizes and types of log carriers.  They all require a twist or one-sided lift when used with heavy loads. This is the first carrier I've seen that balances the load properly. My husband, a chimney sweep, showed the Backsaver carrier to me and I immediately recognized its potential and told him to get several".

Nancy Carpentier

Burns, Oregon