Watchman Electronic Catalyst Monitor (Battery Version)

Watchman Electronic Catalyst Monitor (Battery Version)


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  • Fahrenheit temperature display for catalytic wood-burning stoves & fireplaces
  • Programmed audio signals the proper temperatures to open and close a stove's bypass
  • Ideal for stoves made by Vermont Castings, Fireplace Xtrordinaire and other brands
  • Designed & manufactured in Columbus, North Carolina USA

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Introducing the NEW Watchman electronic catalyst monitor with programmed audio signals for catalytic wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. Highly-responsive red LED (Fahrenheit) display. Mutable audio. Hardware for wall mounting. Features 6-foot thermocouple cable and 4-inch (1/4 inch diameter) stainless steel probe. 9-Volt battery included. Limit pressing the "display temp" button to minimize power consumption. Instructions for use included with item purchase. Designed by Condar and manufactured in our North Carolina factory. Made in the USA.

  • Height 4.8 inches
  • Width 3.5 inches
  • Depth 2.2 inches

"Works just fine, shows when to close the damper to activate combuster in my dutchwest woodstove, I can monitor the temperature rise into the combuster efficiency range".

JD Mayer

Ogunquit, Maine