Glacier Blue Aluminum Humidifier with Chrome Handle

Glacier Blue Aluminum Humidifier with Chrome Handle


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Crafted of quality hand-cast recycled aluminum, unlike cheaper cast-iron kettles, which rust and eventually crack.

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Clever spout design propels steam outward into the room. Made by American artisans, the Aluminum Humidifier is manufactured carefully by hand using the time-honored traditions of quality foundry craftsmanship. A beautiful decorative accent for the home.

Functional Art
The unique design of the Aluminum Humidifier features a spout cleverly sculpted to propel water vapor into the room, away from the wall. Flat side allows the humidifier to be used on top of small metal woodstoves. Only 4 inches (10 cm) deep, yet it looks like a full kettle when in place, and holds over 2 quarts (2 liters) of water! A similar capacity to most full-size kettles. The lid conveniently swivels open to the front, so it will not fall off while filling with water.

Aluminum Humidifier naturally introduces humidity to the air of your home, thus avoiding the dangers of super-dry air. Most importantly, humidification favors your body's natural defenses against airborne pathogens.

Highly durable, and easy to clean. If the finish of your polished Aluminium Humidifier dulls over time, use a non-abrasive polish to easily restore its original luster. Blue and black Aluminum Humidifiers are painted with high-temperature stove paint, engineered to last.

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