Catalytic Combustor Probe Thermometer  - 4" (10 cm) Probe

Catalytic Combustor Probe Thermometer - 4" (10 cm) Probe


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Innovative design for accurate measurement of gas temperatures immediately behind a combustor. 

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Registers accurate readings up to 900° Celsius.  An indispensable tool for efficient woodstove operation.  Signals when to switch off bypass, and when to reduce fire to prevent degrading expensive combustors.  Also, indicates declining performance of failing catalyst and the need for replacement. 

Probes are manufactured of copper for fast heat transmission, then plated for corrosion resistance.  Probe end may be placed up to ½-inch (1.3 cm) away from the combustor, but should not touch it.  Consult instructions provided by your stove manufacturer before installing.  Made in USA.

"Works just fine, shows when to close the damper to activate combuster in my dutchwest woodstove, I can monitor the temperature rise into the combuster efficiency range".

JD Mayer

Ogunquit, Maine